Course Descriptions

Grade 7 & 8

Band 7 - Band 7 is a beginning level course which teaches students the fundamentals of playing a wind instrument, basic music theory and how to read music.  Instruments in this course are mostly woodwind and brass instruments although percussion is also an option.  Students taking Band 7 will have the opportunity to try out instruments and hopefully find one that they enjoy and are content to continue with for the duration of the course.

Band 8 - Band 8 is a continuation of band 7 which is intended to review and expand the information and skills that were learned in grade 7.  Most students taking this course would have almost a full year of playing experience and be well established with the instrument they have chosen.  The objective of the course is to prepare the students to enter high school band having played a variety of musical examples and a series of playing tests completing the beginning phase of the band program.

French 7 & 8 - We look at basic concepts of the French language to gain a foundation for reading, writing and conversation.

Hockey Skills Academy - Following the lead of Hockey Canada, the Rivers Collegiate Hockey Skills Academy offers students an opportunity to further their hockey skills and knowledge by focusing on strategies for development and improvement both on and off the ice.

Woodworking - As part of the Middle Years Practical Arts program, Grade 7 & 8 Woodworking emphasizes teamwork, time management, responsibility, and more than anything else, safety.  Students complete work in the shop and learn how to use major tools such as the compound mitre saw, router, and lathe to build fun projects.  They also develop technology skills, learn 3D drafting, and practice measurement competencies outside the shop.  Whenever possible, projects are cross-curricular and tied to outcomes in other subjects, such as Art or ELA.