Please see the June calendar as well as other important information below!

·       Meal specials will be offered every Monday/Wednesday/Friday for $5 per meal.

o    There will be a maximum of 25-45 meal specials available . If students are counting on the daily meal special, they need to be sure to sign up as early as possible. First to sign up are guaranteed the meal. Students can sign up for meals every morning on the sign-up sheet by the office between 8:45am and 11:30am.


·       Open faced pizza buns and veggies/dip will be offered daily for $3 per meal.

o    Pizza buns and veg will ALWAYS be available. No maximum numbers will be set.


·       Snacks (cookies, cereal cakes, muffins, etc.) and drinks (white milk, chocolate milk) will be available daily for varying prices ($0.50-$1.50).

·       Students can pay for their meals at the counter with cash or prepay and have a card with their name on it loaded with any dollar amount for future purchases. If students are paying at the counter, only cash will be accepted. If parents or students would like to prepay a certain amount, they can give the office cash, a cheque made out to “Rivers Collegiate”, or e-transfer any amount over $20 (see e-transfer steps below).


·         Note: NO IOU’s WILL BE ACCEPTED. All meals, snacks, and drinks must be prepaid or paid for in person by the student.



·         Send e-transfer to RCI’s email - [email protected]

·         No password is needed

·         Include this message – “____student’s first name___ for canteen credit”

·         Minimum $20 per e-transfer