Grade 11

Grade 11

Biology 30 - This course focuses on the structure of the human body and how it works.  You will study personal wellness and homeostasis, digestion and nutrition, transportation and respiration, excretion and water management, and protection and control.

Physics 30 - The grade 11 Physics course consists of four major topics.  Waves, Sounds and Light, Mechanics, Gravity and electric fields.  In addition, we study the mathematical equations and methods that drive physics.  Vector quantities are introduced.

Essential Mathematics 30 - is intended for students whose post-secondary planning does not include a focus on mathematics and science-related fields.  Grade 11 Essential Mathematics is a one-credit course consisting of consumer applications, problem solving, decision making, and spatial sense.  Grade 11 Essential Mathematics builds on the knowledge and skills of Grade 10 Essential Mathematics.  Students are expected to work both individually and in small groups on mathematical concepts and skills encountered in everyday life in a technological society.  Topics of study include Analysis of Games and Numbers, Interest Credit and Loans, Geometry, Data Analysis, Managing Money, Relations and Patterns, Trigonometry and Design Modelling.

Applied Mathematics 30 - This course is designed primarily with an emphasis on problem solving, technology, and modeling real world situations.  Grade 11 Applied Mathematics is directed to students planning to enter the post-secondary education, but do not require theoretical calculus.  This is a context driven course where students will develop mathematical understanding, critical thinking skills through problem-solving and connections between symbolic mathematical ideas and the world around us.  Topics of study include Systems of Linear Inequalities, Quadratic Functions and Equations, Proportional Reasoning, Properties of Angles and Triangles, Trigonometry, and Statistical Reasoning.

Pre-Calculus Mathematics 30 - is designed for, but not limited to, students who intend to study calculus and related mathematics as part of post-secondary education.  It builds on the topics studied in Grade 10 Intro to Applied and Pre-Calculus Mathematics and provides background knowledge and skills for Grade 12 Pre-Calculus Mathematics.  The course comprises a high-level study of theoretical mathematics with an emphasis on problem solving and mental mathematics.  

Band 30 - Students are introduced to late intermediate skills that should enable them to continue playing beyond high school.  The focus of this course is to gain playing experience and to enjoy what has been accomplished in previous years.  At this point, some students would have already completed the required playing tests and course work materials.  Any student who has not completed the course work would be expected to do so.

Wood Working 30 - This course is designed for maximum student engagement, regardless of individual interests or level of ability.  Every student will be given the opportunity to develop their skills in areas such as Woods Products and Processes, Measurement and Layout, Finishing and Current Innovations by making exciting projects such as games, furniture, musical instruments and more.  Although flexibility and individuality are important in this course, the most essential skill all students will develop is shop safety.  Particular attention will be paid to personal protective equipment (PPE), proper tool use, and responsibility for shop cleanliness and maintenance.

Family Studies 30 - emphasizes the transition from adolescence to adulthood with the ability to examine and practice skills that help develop healthy interpersonal relationships.  The skills and knowledge will provide the opportunity for students to make informed and responsible life management choices now and in the future.  Topics of study include: Human Development, Relationships, Sexual Health and Wellness, Reproductive Health and Wellness, Parenting, Life Stages and Family Responsibilities.

Exercise Science 30 - Following the lead of Hockey Canada, the Rivers Collegiate Hockey Academy offers students an opportunity to further their hockey skills and knowledge by focusing on strategies for development and improvement both on and off the ice.  We will also be utilizing outcomes from Exercise Science curriculum to learn and explore the science behind human exercise, health and physical activity.