Outdoor Learning Space

It Takes A Community...
Outdoor Learning Space SeatingRivers Collegiate would like to thank Knotty Kniv & Busy Beaver Tree Services for the donation of 35 large maple tree stumps for our school yard. We'd also like to recognize Blue Crescent Motel of Rivers for their assistance in sourcing the stumps and their involvement by covering the costs of the service and transportation of the stumps to our school. We appreciate the support and assistance in making this project happen.  Additionally, we thank our local contacts, Donna Morken and Roger Lepp for assisting us through this process. We sincerely appreciate the support of our community through the many projects over the years and how quickly things get done with just a few phone calls. These stumps will be used by teachers and students to offer a safe, socially distanced seating space for learning and classroom breaks. In the coming weeks, we will also be implementing outdoor whiteboards at two stations to provide teachers with an additional tool for their teaching purposes. We will have further updates on our outdoor learning space in June 2021. 
View of Outdoor Seating
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