Grade 9

Grade 9

Science 10 - In this course, you will examine the very atoms that make up all matter on Earth, discover how electricity has been harnessed to operate machinery, uncover how our body tissues grow and regenerate, and explore the far-off stars and planets of our galaxy.

Hockey Skills Academy 10 - Following the lead of Hockey Canada, the Rivers Collegiate Hockey Academy offers students an opportunity to further their hockey skills and knowledge by focusing on strategies for development and improvement both on and off the ice.

Wood Working 10 - This course is designed for maximum student engagement, regardless of individual interests for level of ability.  Every student will be given the opportunity to develop their skills in areas such as Woods Products and Processes, Measurement and Layout, Finishing and Current Innovation by making exciting projects, such as games, furniture, musical instruments, and more.  Although flexibility and individuality are important in this course, the most essential skill all students will develop is shop safety.  Particular attention will be paid to personal protective equipment (PPE), proper tool use, and responsibility for shop cleanliness and maintenance.

Band 10 - is offered for grade 9 students and is intended to be an early intermediate course for students choosing band in high school.  It is a continuation of the jr. high program which offers opportunity for further individual musical growth and skill development with a shift toward helping the students learn to effectively play in a larger group.  Students in this course would be playing selections at a higher level.

Outdoor Education 10 -  Will provide exposure to lifelong outdoor activities at the same time getting a better understanding of how we impact the environment around us.  The students will learn how to limit their impact on the environment while enjoying the outdoors.

Keyboarding & Digital Print Communications 10 - Students will be building and developing keyboarding skills as well as proper document formatting.  We will also delve into the world of PowerPoint, learning the benefits of balance and harmony in the those presentations.  As well, students will learn many tips and techniques to help them in their daily typing communications.  Grade 9 students taking these course will receive a Grade 10 credit (half credit for each course).

Visual Arts 10 - Students will experiment with various art mediums, including pencil, paint, clay and watercolors.  Through the use of planning and design, we will look at various techniques such as balance, shading and perspectives.